Are You a Single Woman Over 40…
Frustrated with the Dating Scene…
Losing Hope of Ever Meeting Your True Love?

If your answer is, “Yes,” you are not alone.

Many women in their 40’s and 50’s have a difficult time finding the love of their life, and experiencing that deeply felt heart connection that we all long to have. It is completely understandable how you could be feeling frustrated and discouraged… I know, because I once was, too.

Have you ever found yourself thinking…

“I’ll never meet anyone.”

“All the good ones are taken.”

“How come she can meet someone and I can’t?”


It does not have to be that way…
You DO have a choice.

I’m Mara Castello, Relationship Empowerment Coach for Women over 40, and founder of Navigate from the Heart Coaching, a cutting edge organization specializing in empowering women in love relationships.

I believe in my heart that it is only when a woman loves the person she truly is, can she fully experience the passion and energy of her life and of her romantic relationship.

In addition to having learned to love myself and to love my life, I now enjoy the bliss of soul mate love.

This is what I want for you so that you, too, may know this depth of happiness. I have dedicated my life to help women fall passionately in love with themselves, and then to share that love with an ideal partner to create the relationship of a lifetime.

I created the 7 Principles of Heart Dating™ as an antidote to loneliness and despair.  They involve approaching your  relationship “from the inside out” by reminding you of the essential connection between self-love and the love of others.

Through my Heart Dating™ Navigation System, you will:

  • Identify those beliefs that get in the way of finding true love.
  • Be at the cause rather than the effect of your life.
  • Become stronger, more resilient and more “self-confident” as you navigate your search for “Mr. Right.”
  • Create the relationship of your dreams.

For more details, click here.

I invite you to set sail with me as we begin an exhilarating journey of love, self-discovery, and heart-felt connection.

Please take my free “Determine your Dating Point of Sail Quiz” to gain some insight about how you may be sailing against the tide. Also, receive my free “7 Principles of Heart Dating:  Discover the Secret to Finding True Love After 40” eCourse.  

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With love and wholeness,

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Mara Castello, CEC, AELC
Relationship Empowerment Coach for Women Over 40
Navigate from the Heart Coaching

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